Give Glass a Second LifeTM

Free glass recycling drop-off sites.

Ripple gathers over 800 tons of glass every week

Over 1 billion glass bottles saved from landfills since 2009

Become a glass recycling household

Order our handy tote to separate and transport your glass.

Ripple Salutes Our Friends in the Hospitality Industry

Partnering with Kansas City’s favorite places to gather, from watering holes to fine dining

How Does Glass Recycling Work?

Ripple gathers over 800 tons of glass every single week from residents and businesses, and then process it into usable materials for remanufacturing as new glass bottles, insulation, countertops, and more.

What About Curbside Recycling?

Ripple is working closely with communities across the Kansas City metro to create curbside pick-up programs in municipalities and neighborhoods. Share your interest below!