Multi-Family Residential

Recycling glass offers many benefits for landlords, property managers and the residents in multi-family communities. This includes cost-savings (glass is heavy and your trash hauler probably charges you by the pound!), but can also provide benefits like attracting and keeping tenants. Recycling glass with Ripple helps reduce carbon emissions, saves landfill space, and keeps communities beautiful.

It's time to go purple, Kansas City.

For more information on how your apartment or multi-family residence can become a Ripple Certified recycler, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you very soon!

Recycling glass is good for our planet and for our local economy.

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Recycling one beer bottle saves enough electricity to power a standard light bulb for 4 hours!

Recycling creates jobs. It’s estimated that recycling glass creates about 10 times more jobs than trashing it.

Recycling glass reduces pollution, extends the life of our local landfills.