Join the Movement with Kansas City’s Top Businesses – Recycle with Ripple Glass!

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Picture yourself at your favorite hangout spot, surrounded by friends, sipping on a cold bottle. Life is good, isn’t it? Now here’s something even better: imagine every empty glass bottle from that perfect night getting a new life instead of going to a landfill. That vision can become a reality with Ripple Glass’ Commercial Pickup Program!

Calling all bar, restaurant, venue owners and multi-family residential property managers in the Kansas City area – you can make a significant impact on our environment and community by joining this movement. And it’s as easy as ordering another round!

The Alternative: Where Would the Glass Go?

If you’re not recycling with us, chances are, your glass is ending up in a landfill. Most businesses just toss their glass into the trash. A few might attempt to recycle it themselves, but there’s an easier way!

Since 2018, the Ripple Glass Commercial Program has recycled over 6,000 tons of glass from Kansas City businesses – that’s 12 million pounds. We currently partner with over 450 businesses in the Kansas City metro area. Our goal? To increase the number of businesses involved and continue expanding our footprint in the community.

“Since our initial launch in Kansas City in 2009, we’ve grown into a robust company with ambitious goals to expand our glass collection programs nationwide,” explained Piercyn Charbonneau, Director of Collection and Strategy at Ripple Glass. “Our commercial program serves a range of businesses, from multi-family communities to bars, restaurants, hotels, event spaces, cafes, coffee shops and country clubs. It’s designed to simplify glass collection for staff, complete with indoor and outdoor collection containers for easy disposal.”

And here’s the kicker: thanks to the Tito’s Vodka sponsorship and our referral program, starting to recycle with us is practically cost-free. Tito’s Vodka sponsors the first month of service and setup fees for new businesses, so you can jump into recycling without worrying about upfront expenses.

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Benefits of Commercial Partnership

 Our Commercial Program makes a difference for your business, the environment and your community. Here’s why it’s a smart move:

  • Environmental Impact: Recycling glass reduces pollution and preserves natural resources. For instance, recycling one beer bottle saves enough electricity to power a 100-watt light bulb for four hours. Imagine the impact of recycling hundreds or thousands of bottles monthly!
  • Economic Boost: Recycling glass creates up to 10 times more jobs than landfill disposal. By participating, you’re contributing to local job growth and community prosperity.
  • Community Engagement: Joining our commercial program demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. It enhances your brand reputation and attracts environmentally conscious customers and residents who value businesses that prioritize recycling and environmental responsibility.

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But Wait, There’s More!

Here’s what you can expect when you become a Ripple Certified Commercial Partner:

  • Easy-Peasy: We provide containers and a convenient collection service. No more hassle of managing glass recycling on your own. The service also includes clear messaging and labels, making it easy for your staff.
  • Saves You Money: We can save you money by reducing the amount of trash you need to dispose of. Businesses currently throwing away glass will likely see a drop in their trash disposal costs. For example, one Kansas City business cut their trash pickups from six to two per week!
  • Marketing Karma: We promote participating businesses on our website and social media, driving eco-conscious customers your way. Who doesn’t love a bit of green marketing?
  • Seamless Start: Our program manager ensures a smooth transition by setting up and training businesses before they start. Containers are conveniently placed, requiring no extra effort from your staff.
  • Referral Bonus: If one of our recycling partners refers a new business, they receive an additional month of service at no charge. This allows them to potentially use our services for free!

How to Get Started with Ripple Glass

Getting started with the Commercial Pickup Program is super simple. Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit Our Website: Head over to our website and click on the sign-up form. It’s quick and easy to fill out!
  1. Estimate Your Glass Volume: On that page, use our handy Pricing Calculator to estimate how much glass your business will recycle. This helps determine the right service for you.
  1. Get in Touch: After you submit the form, expect a quick response! Max Whitsell, our Kansas City Metro Program Manager, will reach out. He’ll discuss your needs, answer any questions you have and arrange a convenient drop-off date.
  1. Site Assessment: Our team will schedule a visit to your location for a brief site assessment. Together, we’ll choose the perfect spot for your dedicated glass recycling bin(s).
  1. Regular Pickups: Once set up, you’ll enjoy regular pickups tailored to your volume and schedule. No more overflowing bins or missed recycling days – just reliable service.

Commonly Asked Questions

We get it. Trying something new can be intimidating. But don’t worry – we have answers to your burning questions:

  • How much does it cost to become a Ripple Glass Commercial Partner? Well, it varies based on your business’ needs. For instance, businesses with less glass can start with monthly pickups for as low as $25. Larger businesses like high-volume bars and hotels that will require additional or larger bins and more frequent pickups, will have costs tailored to their recycling volume.
  • How often will Ripple Glass pick up my glass? It depends on how much glass your business generates. Not sure? Our team can help audit your glass usage to find the perfect service level for you.
  • Is Ripple Glass affordable? With our tailored service levels, we make recycling cost-effective for everyone. Our goal is to provide the service at such a low cost that signing up is a no-brainer for every business that uses glass.
  • My business doesn’t produce much glass waste. Is it worth it to recycle? Absolutely! We have service options for all sizes of businesses, ensuring even minimal glass waste gets recycled efficiently.
  • Is glass recycling messy? Not at all! Our drivers are trained and take pride in keeping the area around your bins clean, safe, and free of glass debris. Recycling with us is straightforward. We provide everything you need for a smooth transition.

Don’t Miss Out: Multifamily Properties Can Go Green Too 

Adding glass recycling to your apartment complex is incredibly easy – we hook you up with containers that are the right size for your complex, so no matter how many wine nights or kombucha bottles you go through, recycling is simple and accessible. 

When an apartment complex chooses to recycle, it demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability. This is a major attraction for environmentally conscious renters who prioritize caring for the planet. It’s also a unique perk that makes your property stand out. Picture yourself as a renter, proudly sharing with friends that you live in an eco-friendly complex – now that’s powerful word-of-mouth marketing!

Join the Purple RevolutionRippleGlass Certified Business Partner seal

It’s time for Kansas City to paint the town purple – the color of Ripple Glass recycling bins. By participating in the Commercial Glass Pickup Program, you’re joining a community of businesses and property managers committed to a greener, cleaner city.

If you own a business or manage a multi-family property and want to start recycling with us, visit our website to get started. And if you’re a passionate Kansas Citian, encourage your favorite local spots to join too! The more we talk about glass recycling, the more ripples we can make. Let’s spark sustainability across Kansas City by promoting environmental responsibility, one person, one business and one neighborhood at a time!