In late April, this year, Ripple reached its most significant milestone yet! With your help, Ripple recycled its BILLIONTH BOTTLE! ! Throughout April and leading up to the billionth bottle, Ripple Glass surprised recyclers with small prizes at Ripple Glass collection points. The month culminated with Ripple’s billionth bottle recycler.

On April 27, Ripple Glass surprised one recycler, Kevin Rotert, as our billionth bottle donor. Kevin recycles at his nearby Price Chopper Store near Liberty, Missouri. As our Billionth Bottle Recycler, Kevin won a Beer at Home party package from Boulevard Brewing Company, a gift card from Price Chopper to feed his party’s hungry crowd, and some great Ripple swag.

Each week, thousands of area residents collect their glass bottles and jars and deliver them to a nearby Ripple Glass bin. Recycling one bottle saves enough energy to light a compact fluorescent lightbulb for 7 hours. But, recycling one billion bottles saves enough electricity to power every house in Kansas City for more than 18 days.

Thanks a Billion Kansas City!