Can’t get to a Ripple Bin? These companies will haul your glass to us!

Founded on the basic understanding that while recycling your disposable food and beverage glass is necessary, it isn’t always easy. With Atlas Glass, you can make recycling a priority while they do all the heavy lifting. They pick up bins where you live, work, and play and will leave a clean bin after pick up. The glass is then delivered to Ripple Glass to be recycled.

Serving residential homes, condos, apartments and restaurants, GlassBandit will provide you with an 18-gallon curbside recycling bin at no cost. You can fill that bin with as much glass, and only glass, as you want. They will pick the glass up from your curbside every other week on your regular trash day and safely deliver the glass to Ripple Glass.

With KC Curbside’s curbside glass recycling service, it doesn’t get much easier. Just drop your empty glass bottles, jars, and containers into their blue bin, slide it out to the curb, and you’re done. They deliver the glass to Ripple Glass, all while pledging a minimum 10% of their total annual revenue to charities and worthwhile causes.

A locally and firefighter owned business, Wright Brothers offers curbside glass recycling service. Just drop your empty glass bottles and jars into their lime green and white bin, slide it out to the curb on pick up day, and they will take it from there. Your glass will be delivered to Ripple Glass, where it will be processed for recycling into new glass bottles and fiberglass insulation.

With Glass Gone, your first month of service is FREE. You can select between once and twice-monthly pick ups. A FREE 14-gallon bin will be provided. If you have overflow, place it in your own container and set it at the curb too. They’ll do the rest!