Here at Ripple Glass, we love hearing unique stories about glass recycling- and that goes double when the stories involve kids!

One such story came to us recently about an entrepreneurial 12-year old boy named David Williams. Inspired by his older sister’s money-making venture throwing newspapers, David started a little business of his own hauling neighbors’ glass to the local Ripple bin!

David created a flyer to describe and advertise his business and distributed it to homes in his neighborhood. David supplied his customers with five gallon buckets, and on collection days, he hauls their buckets of glass to a nearby Ripple Glass bin. David keeps track of his income and expenses in order to see what profit he is making week to week.

His mother, Meredith Williams, says that through his recycling business, David is learning responsibility, people skills and practical math application. David saves a portion of his profits, uses some for spending money, and donates a percentage to help others.

David’s business has made him aware of how we can all play our part to improve the environment.

“I like helping to recycle glass, because it gets recycled over and over, instead of just sitting in a heap of trash,” David said.

We at Ripple Glass agree, David! Thanks for helping spread the word about recycling glass in Kansas City!