Ripple Glass has some exciting news to announce, and we believe it will make our partnership with you better than ever!

As you know, since our 2009 launch, we have contracted with Deffenbaugh Industries (now Waste Management) to service Ripple Glass containers around the metro. This fall, we’re making a change. We have purchased our own truck and hired a driver to collect glass from Ripple bins! This will allow us the opportunity to provide better service for you, our valued Ripple bin hosts, and should help us stay ahead of any potential problems.

Ripple will start hauling purple bins in December. However, this will not change how you contact us for service. If you need your bin emptied, just email us at just as you do now! This email is monitored regularly. Or, you can call our offices Monday through Friday 10 AM – 3PM at 816 221 4527. Messages left after 3:00 PM are not retrieved until 10 AM the next business day.

Just FYI, we may continue to use Deffenbaugh for select hauls, and to fill in when needed – but many of our locations will be serviced by our new Ripple Glass truck. Please find the attached flier to post in a common area, which includes our contact information. Let me know if you have any questions.

As always, we want to thank you for being our partner in glass recycling. We value the time and energy you share with us as bin hosts, and area residents tell us that they appreciate your generosity in serving the community in this way!