Play ball!!! Yep, its baseball season again, and with our World Champion Kansas City Royals taking the field, it is expected that “The K” will be a very popular destination this season, and that the parking lots will be full of tailgating Royals fans!

Tailgating is a KC tradition – and a great add-on to the baseball experience! But, if you’ve ever noticed as you are walking through the parking lot to the stadium, it can result in a lot of left-behind trash and mess. Yuck!

Following good tailgate etiquette makes tailgating more enjoyable for everyone. Here are some tips to make your tailgate “green,” while keeping it Royal blue!


“Pack in – Pack out”

The ol’ standard camping rule also applies for tailgating. If you brought it in — and that includes food, beverages, containers, paper products, etc. – either take it home or dispose of it responsibly. There are trash and recycling containers at the stadium parking lots, but they can get full close to game time. Bringing your own trash and recycling bags to take home for disposal is a good way to go green – and clean!


Dispose of the Use of Disposables!

If you’re a regular tailgater or a camper, having a set of re-usable, non-breakable plates, cups and utensils can be a great (and green) alternative to disposable versions, and will save you money (as well as reducing your tailgate waste)!

It might seem like a bit more of a hassle, but it’s really pretty easy to get into the habit of “scraping and bagging”, to take your tailgate-ware home for washing later.

To really step up your non-disposable game, consider using cloth napkins and tablecloths, as well! And, a Royals-themed blanket or beach towel makes a great tailgating tablecloth and it’s easy to throw it all in the wash when you get home. Side bonus: They won’t blow away like the paper or plastic versions do!


Recycle Everything Possible!

Most of us have good intentions, but it can be confusing to know what can be recycled and what can’t.  Here’s an excerpt from the KCMO Public Works* website that simplifies the “sorting-out” process, and we’ve narrowed it down further, for tailgating application:


What can I recycle in KC?
There’s a lot you can recycle: newspapers, aluminum and steel cans, plastic containers # 1 thru # 7 (milk bottles, soda bottles, yogurt tubs, margarine/butter tubs). Check the number inside the chasing arrow symbol on the bottom of the container. You also can recycle most paper products, including clean mixed paper, corrugated cardboard, cereal and other paperboard dry food boxes. View the complete list at


What can’t be recycled?

  • paper towels and tissues
  • any materials contaminated with food or liquids cannot be recycled
  • plastic cups and tableware


*these directions apply to most local, hauling companies

And of course, recycle your glass with Ripple Glass!! We have approximately 100 beautiful purple bins around the metro area where you can drop off all your glass!

So please pack up those empties after your tailgate and drop them off at your local Ripple bin the next day. We will make sure they are used to make more new bottles, for your next tailgate!