Ask Ben!

Dear Ripple Glass Ben –

I love to recycle, and I am happy to recycle my glass. I use an old cardboard box to collect my glass, and I’m always afraid the bottom is going to break. Is there a better solution?


Collapsing Cardboard Calamity



Dear C Cubed –

Glass is heavy, and it breaks. No wonder you’re worried!

Honestly, any sturdy container will make a great collection vessel for your glass. Whether it’s a wood crate, milk crate, or Rubbermaid tub, sturdy construction will hold up to the weight of your glass.

To help folks like you, Ripple Glass even has handsome and functional totes. These durable, purple bins are clearly marked for glass recycling – even your friends will know where to put their empty bottles! Several Ripple Glass hosts carry totes in their retail stores, but we also sell them online.

Simple recycling depends on a good system. Near your trash can, try to make room for a mixed recycling container and a glass container.

Thanks for recycling your glass!